Juan, Two?

The sequel to Calypso Nights, first performed in 2013.

The show was made with the goal of overtly doing a 'sequel' - ie: containing elements that a Hollywood movie might do in a 'part 2'. That is, repeating gags that worked well, having the hero return in the same costume, and make it come out very quickly after the first smash hit. Having those loose and dumb 'rules' in place, I then had to decide on what I wanted it to actually be about, and what type of music Juan was going to explore. I settled on the genre of Chuntey - a style of music peculiar to Trinidad and Tobago and a result of Indian indentured labourers mixing the music of their home regions with calypso. The show then thematically became about the mash-up - how mixing one thing with another thing can create beautiful new things.

"A lovely late-night hour that devolves into dancing."

The Guardian

"It's Dr. Brown, The Mighty Boosh and Sacha Baron Cohen in one man."

The National (Scotland)

"This is a bizarre, hilarious night out"


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