Weekend At Barnie's

A homage to the greatest movie about a dead guy ever made. Created with Dani Cabs, first performed in 2017.

I first met the moustachioed hunk that is Dani Cabs at Adelaide Fringe somewhere around 2015 and we pretty much instantly took to the stage as a duo, with a high/low energy 10 mins of slapstick made with one goal in mind - to reference the classic 80's Hollywood comedy Weekend at Bernie's. Eighteen months and a successful spot or two later we had registered for the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and were in development of a full length one hour stage show, resurrecting this goofball one-joke masterpiece of a movie and riding it for all it was worth. After it's debut at the comedy festival the show went on to a win an Anywhere Theatre Award at Anywhere Theatre Fest - Brisbane. The show centers around comedy has-been Barnie Topaz and enthusiastic up and comer Danny Peaches. Topaz dies just as Peaches succeeds in convincing him to do a two-hander at a comedy festival. Hilarity ensues.

“This show is brilliant and inventive physical comedy, highly recommended to anyone looking to see something a little bit unusual.”


The Funny Tonne

“Their cheeky teamwork was great to watch...”


Hugging Comedians

WINNER - Anywhere Festival Award, Brisbane, 2017