I began holding workshops in 2014 with the goal of trying to distil into a tincture what exactly the hell it is that I am good at. 

I have held regular workshops on The Art of Idiocy: How to be a charming fool, and Subverting Expectations in Physical Comedy.

I have also held workshops for Down Syndrome Victoria and Down Syndrome NT on the the Art of Being Silly.

The making of Ollie Is A Martian also resulted in Ollie and I holding workshops with high school students enrolled in special teaching needs classes. 

During Melbourne's COVID lockdown of 2020 I received funding from City Of Melbourne to run an online Zoom comedy workshop series in collaboration with Down Syndrome Victoria. Six members of Club 21 - a peer support network for people with Down syndrome in Victoria - took part in a series of online workshops covering script writing, stand-up, musical comedy, mime and melodrama. We called our group COVID21, and met twice a week from June until December. We had planned to take the workshops into the rehearsal studio, then eventually turn those workshops into a stage show, but the ever-increasing lockdown unfortunately put an end to that.

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